A Brief History of Mine

Greetings! Welcome to Tau Ceti Shipyards, a place where I will be showcasing my Star Trek builds in Starmade, a sci-fi block building game currently in alpha. Created by the incredible Schine team, Starmade is everything I ever wanted Minecraft to be.  I don’t need to go into what Minecraft is because I’m guessing pretty much everyone already knows (if you don’t – where have you been all these years?). The freedom to build whatever you want with pretty much anything you want. Lego for the 21st century.

When I first stumbled onto Minecraft years ago (4 years? 5 maybe?) it unleashed my inner architect. I’ve been gaming since I was a kid, first on the original NES system, then the Gameboy, Playstation, PC etc. etc. But I always kinda felt that there was something missing from the gaming choices. I had yearned for a game where you could do whatever you wanted, be whatever you wanted, make whatever you wanted. So when I found Minecraft and realised that this came about as close to my own personal virtual nirvana that I could get, I was crazy excited. I spent many a night building little forts and hunting zombies and creepers. And then, naturally, I started to build bigger. Forts became castles. Castles were enhanced with lighthouses and train networks (I have no idea if any real world castles actually have their own train networks but mine did!). I honestly had no idea that I could be so content buildings things with blocks.

I’m a massive sci-fi geek, so inevitably I decided to try and build things from my favourite sci-fi franchises. I think my very first build was a Star Wars TIE Fighter replica up in the skies above one of my many random houses. And then when I was done I built an X-Wing a little bit in front of it, facing the TIE. I love Star Wars and recreating the iconic fighters as if they were locked in combat in the sky was really fun. Star Wars is one of my favourite franchises, but Star Trek is my all time most loved so of course I wanted to try out making come starships. Long story short – this is meant to be a brief history! – I ended up deciding that I was going to make a “Star Trek museum world” in Minecraft. The plan was to have it consist of various ships and ground buildings scattered around the world linked with a rail system and a central Starfleet Command type complex to act as a hub. I got pretty far into putting this together –


The beginnings of the Starfleet Command hub complex


Pretty lights!
Pretty lights!


A K7 type station
A K7 type station. The random lighter bricks were basically “drying concrete” material that I used to make the station. They were from a popular mod and would dry and become the tough grey exterior


The "square" nature of block building games meant that having three diagonal arms on the station was impartical, so I added a small shipyard as well to allow the arms to be placed straight on the axes
The “square” nature of block building games meant that having three diagonal arms on the station was impractical, so I added a small shipyard as well to allow the arms to be placed straight on the axes


I had also built a TMP-era Enterprise although unfortunately I don’t have any surviving screenshots of this.

It was all starting to look really pretty, however something was missing. These things were all well and good to look at but they didn’t actually do anything. The ships couldn’t fly and certainly couldn’t shoot at anything. I spent literally weeks searching for mods that would bring my world alive but unfortunately at that time it just wasn’t meant to be. It was when I was searching through endless forum posts about making things move that I found a reference to Starmade. A building game that would let you really fly your ships? This was exactly what I had been looking for!

More on my first forays into Starmade in my next post. Thanks for reading and I hope you’ve not been too bored!



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