Humble Beginnings

So now I had discovered StarMade. My idea of creating replica Star Trek ships and stations and actually having them be playable could be realised. As the game is currently in alpha it’s free to download, although you have the option to buy for a low price to support the developers and get the game cheaper than what it will be when it is finally released. I downloaded for free and played around for a while and within a couple of hours I had went back to the site and bought it. It’s just that good.

This was a couple of years ago now and the game has come on quite considerably since that time. There was no logic system, planets were flat, and the textures were fairly basic. But still, I could build the Enterprise and fly it around shooting pirates. Awesome!

Of course being new to the game I had almost no clue how it worked so I decided to start off small.


A Danube class runabout
A Peregrine class fighter

I outfitted these little ships and went off hunting pirates. Turns out though that ships of this size aren’t actually a match for pirates so I died. A lot. I needed something bigger.

I should point out that although StarMade is designed for you to mine resources from planets, asteroids and enemy ships and then refine them to create the blocks required to build ships, this isn’t actually something I’ve ever done! Back when I started I relied on admin commands to give me the blocks needed to build my ships. Quite a laborious process – look up a block’s ID on the StarMade wiki or other source, type in the admin command, rinse and repeat for each of the dozens of different block types needed. Thankfully a “creative mode” was introduced fairly recently which is akin to Minecraft’s own and allows you to simply click on the required blocks from an in-game inventory. Thank the Great Bird of the Galaxy!

Back when I was making my Minecraft museum world my next project was going to be a TOS-era Constitution class. A relatively simple ship yet one of the most iconic in the Star Trek world. The only issue was, it was a hell of a lot bigger than a runabout! I wanted to make as faithful a replica as possible so I downloaded a blueprint from a fantastic resource site and set to work replicating the ship block by block (I’ll do an in-depth post explaining the process of this for anyone who is interested). After several days of work my creation was complete.

Constitution Class in Star Trek


Constitution Class in StarMade


During the build I discovered that I found the process of creating something like this from scratch, block by block, was oddly relaxing. Within days I had another two builds on the go. Not even for playing the game with, but purely for my own enjoyment.


A Klingon D7 cruiser


A Romulan Bird of Prey

As I was putting these ships together it was so exciting to think of outfitting them with weapons and fighting with them! These wouldn’t just be museum ships, oh no. They would be fully armed and functional starships. Like empires at war. And it was this that got me thinking…what if they actually could be at war?

More on this later. Thanks for reading!




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