Pretty pictures!

So I reckon that I’ve droned on long enough in the last few posts and it’s time to actually show some of the ships and stations I’ve been working on. Later on I’ll give each ship a post detailing name, history and dimensions but for now I’ll just tease with some screenshots.

In the next post I’ll explain the ship classification system that I’ll be using and give a list of all of the Federation ships I’m currently planning to build. My posts will also become more frequent now that I’ve actually got comething to show so hopefully a new post will appear around once a week from here.


Thanks for reading!



Please note that all of these builds are subject to change and are likely not in their final state. At the moment they are all just shells and have no internal systems whatsoever. They also don’t have any windows yet as I’ll need to put in the decks before I add them.


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