Station Classifications

Hi! It’s been a little while since I made a blog post. StarMade had a bug that affected a part of the Build Mode that I use frequently so that stopped me in my tracks for around a month or so but I’m back on now and I’d like to write a little bit about the space stations that I’m making.

Like the ships, they fall into specific categories based on their purpose. There are only 7 categories of stations (although like everything else this is subject to change and could increase or decrease). As follows –



Example: Regula One, K7

Characteristics: Relatively large, no armour, minimal shielding, no weapons, manufacturing facilities, shop

Commerce stations will form the backbone of the economy, acting as trading and factory stations. They will be vulnerable to attack although would mostly be stationed in friendly territory. A strong network of commerce stations will be crucial to expansion.



Example: Subspace Relay Station, B Class

Characteristics: Small, light defensive and offensive capabilities

Outposts will typically be small stations that are built in new systems that are to be claimed while larger stations are constructed. They will be capable of defending themselves against light attacks but pretty useless against a moderately armed enemy group. Outposts could also be placed close to enemy territory to act as listening posts.



Example: G Class, Drozana, Utopia Planitia

Characteristics: Large, well defended, heavy weapons, manufacturing facilities, fighter bays, capital ship docking

Stations will be large, well armed and a main line of defence against an invasion. They could be used as staging areas for fleets and home bases for factions. Well places stations will be vital for an Empire’s protection.



Example: Spacedock, Starbase 375

Characteristics: Huge, extremely well armed, heaviest shields, manufacturing facilities, fighter bays, small starship production, shop facilities

Starbases are the largest, most lethal stations available. Their sheer size allows small and medium sized starships to dock inside their superstructure. They will also have advanced factories and commercial facilities. A starbase will effectively be a city in space. Only the bravest enemies would dare attack without significant backup.


Weapon Platform

Example: Phaser/Photon/Quantum platform

Characteristics: Small, well armed, moderately defended

Weapon platforms are simply small stationary objects that house weaponry. Designed as a defence for smaller stations or around planets.



Example: TMP shipyard, McKinley Station

Characteristics: Weak hull, no shields, starship construction

Shipyards are the main construction facilities for fleets and are essentially large frameworks. They have no protection of their own although tend to be placed in core friendly territory so it is not seen as vital. Shipyards are some of the largest structures in terms of dimension, although their internal volume is relatively small.



Example: MIDAS array, Epsilon 9, transwarp gate

Characteristics: Various depending on function

Special stations are facilities that do not fit into the standard categories and serve specific functions. They are not available in every era. They could be specialised listening posts, transwarp/slipstream gates, research facilities, etc.



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