Still working…

Just a very small update here with some pics to show that I’m still here and hard at work!

First off, a beauty shot showing three variants of the Miranda Class approaching a station…


Next up, the new Constellation Class…


Some WIP pics of an Ambassador Class…


Finally, I’ve been playing around with importing existing models into Starmade. This is useful for large, complex ships like the Sovereign as creating them from scratch with perfect curves would be notoriously difficult. Importing existing models will shave literally months off of my workload.

I’ll still be creating the vast majority of ships from scratch however I will likely import one or two ships to save some time. In that vein, here is an imported model of the USS Legacy. The ship was created by Galen82 and kaden-dark of Deviantart, so all credit to them for the design.The 3d model was then imported into Minecraft by Momentaneously so props to him for that. I simply used SMEdit to convert the model from a Minecraft file to a Starmade blueprint. No details or colouring on it yet, I’ll likely get round to that when I’m on the ships of this era.


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