The Game I Always Wanted

I’m a massive Star Trek fan. And a gamer. So what happens when you bring the two together? Star Trek games! I’ve owned pretty much all of them, including the old DOS games like A Final Unity, Klingon Honour Guard etc. But there are five Star Trek games in particular that have always held a […]

Humble Beginnings

So now I had discovered StarMade. My idea of creating replica Star Trek ships and stations and actually having them be playable could be realised. As the game is currently in alpha it’s free to download, although you have the option to buy for a low price to support the developers and get the game cheaper […]

A Brief History of Mine

Greetings! Welcome to Tau Ceti Shipyards, a place where I will be showcasing my Star Trek builds in Starmade, a sci-fi block building game currently in alpha. Created by the incredible Schine team, Starmade is everything I ever wanted Minecraft to be.  I don’t need to go into what Minecraft is because I’m guessing pretty […]