Still working…

Just a very small update here with some pics to show that I’m still here and hard at work! First off, a beauty shot showing three variants of the Miranda Class approaching a station… Next up, the new Constellation Class…   Some WIP pics of an Ambassador Class…   Finally, I’ve been playing around with […]

Ship Classifications

As I mentioned in previous posts, all of the ships will come under certain classifications. These classifications will give a broad idea of a vessel’s offensive/defensive capabilities, cargo capacity, speed etc. There are 13 classifications in total covering a wide variety of ship types. As a general rule, the larger the vessel is the more […]

Send a message to the fleet!

So, on to the grand plan! The great thing about StarMade is the variety of ship types that it incorporates. You can make anything you want because you’re building and outfitting the ship yourself, block by block. You can have anything from tiny fighters to massive titans, cargo ships, transport ships, whatever you like. This […]